Saturday, March 13, 2004

So much to say, so little time 

Yeah, whatever! I just need to prioritize more regularly and efficiently. Sheesh!

Much has been happening in the last six weeks. On Saturday, Jan. 30, my car, a 1991 Ford Tempo that was Dad's until he passed away five years ago, lost its transmission, and since then, life has been hectic. Um, do I even want to break it all down and relate a play-by-play record of it? Nah, not really. A highlight, however, is that B and I are now owners of a brand-spankin'-new car! The first new car we've bought since 1988! Two weeks ago yesterday. We're like two kids with a brand-new toy! Woo-hoo! Got a moon-roof, a 6-cd changer, keyless remote entry! Believe me, I'd been starting to get a complex being in the minority of those who have to manually unlock their cars!

Work has been very stressful, and I keep thinking I'm going to post here about it as therapy, but I, um, don't prioritize very well. I think I want to relate this scenario or that event, but I never come here to do it. Eventually, I intend to write about a particular student, starting with a note he handed me a few weeks ago. That entry will likely be a time-comsuming one, so at this point, I may as well put it off until spring break. Yeah, when I have myriad other activities planned!

Unfortunately, we're having major problems with our computer. B's been working on it--troubleshooter and do-it-himself kind of guy that he is, and he thinks the solution is to upgrade. In the meantime, I've been making frequent trips to the library to check my email and to read, and sometimes post to, various boards.

And speaking of boards, I want to link to one particular board here and add other links, but that takes time, and I'm not putting the time into doing so now. So there.

Hmm, my last entry was one month ago today.

Until next time.

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