Sunday, January 15, 2006

Why can't I... 

just sit down here at the computer and write entries on this blog from time to time?

I shouldn't be here now anyway. I need to go to bed to rest from this cold that's been brewing for a couple of days so that I can function well enough tomorrow to grade essays. I finally found them a hour or so ago. I thought they were in my classroom, but they weren't, I found out yesterday when I was there. Then I thought they were in the mess on the back porch, the mess I moved from the dining room table so we had a place to eat over the holidays, but they weren't on the back porch. I finally found them in a pile of stuff in my bedroom, and I should have thought to look there long before I did. I'm too tired and feeling icky to work on them now, though, so I should go to bed. Besides my back is hurting, too.

No school tomorrow. MLK Day.

Grades are due at 8 am Wednesday.

Monday, January 02, 2006

Fiesta Bowl 

Ohio State beat Notre Dame 34-20. Dang it!

Back to work! 

In less than 12 hours, I'll be back in the classroom, and as usual on the eve of returning to work after a break or vacation, I'm remorseful because I haven't accomplished what I had hoped to. I cleaned the mess in the dining room, but I mostly just moved junk into the den and back porch.

I finally finished "decorating" the living room--a year after painting it and getting new furniture. I've added several new items including a fairly large, free-standing chime. I'm very proud of the decorating I've done! I wish I had a digital camera and knew how to post pictures here. Oh, well. Some day. Maybe.

So the den didn't get cleaned. My bedroom didn't get cleaned.

And school work didn't get done. There's still time to look over what I should have done and maybe even do a little bit. I'll need to refresh my mind as to what I am planning for tomorrow. I know students will be expecting tests to be returned, but I'm not sure that's going to happen. Oy!

I'd be feeling a bit more upbeat right now if Notre Dame was playing better in the Fiesta Bowl against Ohio State. With seven minutes left, ND is down 27-13. I was really looking forward to a good game--um, one that ND wins.

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