Monday, June 21, 2004

Random notes 

B is nearly done with the shed. He, with a little help from K, L, R, and me, finished the landscaping yesterday in front of one-half of the house. We removed rocks, rocks, and more rocks, and a couple of bushes. We planted five azaleas and grass seed, so the lawn will now extend about eight to ten feet more. I've always HATED those rocks!

I'm late buying annuals and was afraid I wouldn't be able to find any at all, but I did yesterday. I had to get other types to fill out the bed because I found only a few of the usual impatiens that I plant. Now I have to plant them but won't until I get the long-overdue article done. This morning I spent more money on potted plants for the frontyard and backyard.

A is here for a couple of days. She brought home some of her things that she doesn't have room for in her new apartment.

Ka will join Ky in Spain next Thursday for his last seven days there. This is a spontaneous decision she made yesterday. Good for her!

We sisters, our spouses, and most of our kids and their SOs finally have a weekend in July where we'll meet at the campgrounds. Hooray!

Thursday, June 17, 2004

Summer vacation--finally! 

My official (paid) last day of school was Wednesday, June 9. However, I just finished up in my room yesterday, a whole dang week later! I'm moving to another building when school starts in August, so I had to pack everything, meaning emptying file cabinets. I've collected a good ton of material since I last moved from one building to another ten years ago, so this was one daunting task! When I've moved within the building, filled file cabinets could be moved, but not now. I'm so glad to be done with it all! I couldn't really do much packing before the end of school because I was busy grading research papers and other writing assignments. To make matters all the worse, the air had not been working, so I sweated and hot-flashed my way to the end.

So in August, I'll be in a building that's being completely renovated, so I'll have a brand-new new room with lots of storage and counter space! And the building's all on one floor! No more climbing three flights of stairs umpteen times a day. Oh, how will I get my exercise?

So now I have to get to work on all that's been neglected for the past several weeks.

I'll try to blog at least once a day or maybe twice or thrice a week!

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